Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I look at my last post from April, and that time comes flooding back; the memories, feelings, and stress of that time. My Grandfather passed away on May 6th. As I write this last sentence, I feel the water rush to my tear ducts, my throat tightens, my mouth gets a rush of saliva, and I feel as though someone is sitting on my chest.

Fast forward to today...the funeral has passed, a spring and summer semester has come to an end. I am sitting in Stella's right now, and I can look through the back window of the shop to see my Grandfather's Wrangler in the back parking lot.

At this point in time I don't feel like writing about the experience just yet. I have journaled privately about the spring...there is going to be a time and place.

On my 3rd day of freedom, I am going to give a quick visit to my parent's at their mobile clinic before my dentist appointment. Tonight we're going to look at a few houses...we'll see what happens! One of them is officially in foreclosure; we stopped by it yesterday to give it a look-see, and there may be some structural issues. However, the house is about 100k under-priced. The interior is in huge need of some updating, but could be an adventure aside from the fact that it is in total suburbia.