Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Butt hurt

I just haven't posted a decent entry in a GREAT WHILE. My body is just trying to catch up from all this abuse I've put it through. MEH.

The show is over, BUT I have auditions for a dinner playhouse next week! Its running Fiddler, Blood Brothers, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, and Grease. New headshots on Sunday. I'm working with Rob Hawthorne--this past week he's been in Cabo shooting the Broncos cheerleaders for their swimsuit catalog. He must LOATHE his life.

I'm OD-ing on the Springs set #2 of friends. I am a true playa.

Chris is most likely in Germany right now. I heart that kid.

Tanner is IN Germany, but will be heading back to Iraq for 20 more days...then he is all mine. Muahahah! Sushi fest, people.

I have a RIDICULOUS amount of photos in which to post. Stay tuned.