Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cox Communications

Moved to Phoenix...officially. Two days before el move, my Jeep was dropped out of a semi-truck. Today is the first day we have our own freakin internet set up. Granted, the Ritz had a decent set-up...damn, I love that place. In addition to not having to use the internet at the current hotel, we finally have cable back with the life-saving DVR. I don't know how I lived without that thing for a week.

I'll speak of the Habenero Incident later....ahem.

ANYWHO...we're in the middle of painting the place. We're finally done with the orange bathrooms...tres retro with the b/w tile. Loving it.

My cell bill is 300 bucks this month, which me reminds me of the steep overages I had when I was in high school. Woops.

I had two interviews last week, and I will be covering the earh's surface with my resumes tomorrow once again. I found a niche within the professional theatre company here in AZ, and I'm going at it with full force. Wish me luck.

Duane's birthday was Sunday. We need to do a "re-do" in a desperate way. Long story short:

1. Andrea helps Duane with furniture assembly.
2. Duane's hand slips as he aggressively tightens a screw in the wood Andrea is holding steady.
3. Andrea's nose is punched by the rogue hand of Duane in an upward motion, a la "How to Kill Someone with Your Hand" in the Marine Corps guide book.
4. Andrea bleeds. A lot.