Friday, May 19, 2006


There are so many people I need to get back in touch with...even thinking about making all of those calls is overwhelming.

We're out of CO by Sunday...flying oot to Phoenix. Next weekend we're rockin Duane's b-day, then San Diego, and finally back to Colorado for a Misty Moment.

Good times.

Duane completely took me out tonight to The Broadmoor's Charles Court for dinner, and it was TO DIE FOR. Filet mignon? Yes. I'm still thinking about getting hitched there. I do love it so...the weather was freaking ridiculously perfect tonight. So romantic... we were right on the lake. The wine was exquisite.

We have SO MUCH to do tomorrow. The cars are being shipped out, and we need to pack el bags.

Good news: Austin is moving back to Phoenix! Sweetness.