Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So my Bluetooth headset was recovered, thanks to my ever so cleverly designed signs I posted in the hallways. Never underestimate the power of clever signage...or the maintenance lady stealing your headset. EVS. I have it back, and I am going to dump a stream of alcohol on my ear gel for about 3 hours. YES.

So I've lost 17 pounds since the 3rd of January. Something to celebrate, I suppose. I'm not feeling/looking too different...but that won't come so soon.

I have very little patience these days...

"Valentine's Day is over-rated," so says my fiance. Wow. They really do give up on you once the ring is on the finger. But I guess I can't complain...we're going to a nice dinner...one that I have nothing to wear to. So we lead back to the weight loss issue. I absolutely refuse to buy any new clothing at this state. I'll have to find a brand new dress on the side of the street or dig something out of the depths that might work. MY LIFE IS ROMANCE.

I canceled my credit card with Capital One today...GOOD RIDDANCE. They are the McDonalds of the credit card world and not worth your time.

I need to do something with my hair...it is BORING. It seems odd that hair that takes quite a while to "do" essentially has a drabbish final effect. I'm longing for change, people. As soon as May-June rolls around, I may do something quite rash to my look...and the mere thought of that sends me.

Ah well.

I think I'm going to book a massage for myself this weekend. I need some hot stone therapy FO SHO.