Friday, March 21, 2008

Well hello there...
Wow. In 6 days it would have been an entire year since I posted. CRAZAY.

What has been going on? Well, I moved back to Colorado from Arizona as of May 1st, 2007. I had to move in May due to the fact that I wanted to maintain my Colorado residency for escuela. Glory be. Bad news: Duane had to fulfill his year obligation to the company he was working for. So long story short, Duane didn't move back to Colorado until August/September. Needless to say long-distance situations are difficult.

But we made it.

ANNNNND...we are getting hitched in June. I have spent the past 7 months planning this wedding (for reals this time-not kidding. We're talking DEPOSITS HAVE BEEN PLACED, people) and losing weight. I've dropped 40+ pounds since September, which actually sounds kind of lame. 32 of those pounds have been dropped since the end of November. Needless to say I got my butt in gear kind of late in the game.

So right now I am the lightest I have been in my entire adult life. I should be completely excited, but I know I have a ways to go before hitting my goal. April is going to be a key month, as I have all my fittings at the end of May (weddin dress comes in, undergarments have to be ordered, etc. ).

Hmm...oh yes! Going backward a bit, I was in a concentrated comp course over the summer which was a doosey. Never again. It was great to be back in school mode, but I had no time left to think or go to the bathroom.

I am now officially a cat-owner. We rescued Simone (10 month old Tortie longhair mix) from the Dumb Friends League here in Denver in February. She's a good cat, but likes to wake me up at 4:00am by chewing on my bedside lamp. Not cool. Doesn't she know it's from Ikea? Dang, I have to drive like 9 hours one way to get to the nearest one.

My Gram is in town this weekend from Nebraskie, so we'll be a brunchin this weekend. Tonight we're heading down to my rents' place for some Shabbat dinner action. I haven't seen the rentals in a few weeks, so it will be nice to have a mini family reunion.

BAD NEWS: I only worked out 3 days this week! Ugh. I had some serious dental work done on Tuesday (no pumping iron or 80 minute cardio sessions for me), and then yesterday we had a (thrice rescheduled) meeting with our main wedding vendor. Shabbat tonight trumps any voluntary sweating situations. Ah well. This weekend I will hit the gym with a vengeance. I really don't have a choice with a necessary 40 pound weight loss before June looming over my head.

ANYWHO...that's enough updating for now. TGIF, folk.