Thursday, March 16, 2006

The air is astink with boredom

And pizza. I should have tackled the Domino pizza guy in the hall just now. But alas...

I'm in a panini craze as of late. Its an absolute shame that foods which pack on the pounds taste so freaking good.

Pink and brown (with some green accents) are the colors for the wedding. Yes. Until I change my mind.

Second day burritos taste the best.

Do you ever get into those phases of 'not looking good?' This entire week I have looked like TRASH. WTF?

Top Chef isn't filling the Project Runway void now in my life. America's Top Model is just starting, so there is hope. I'm sure Jade is going to cause some DRAMA...thank God. Nothing beats the antics of Andrae, I'm afraid.

Deb and Dan will be out soon! We're going to brunch at the Broadmoor when they get into town, and they shall tour the homestead promptly following. It will be good to see them soon.