Sunday, January 22, 2006


Today is our 6 month anniversary. We started it off with a daring bout of breakfast this AM, followed by a small trek up north to the rentolas for chicken wings, puppy love, watching Jake Plummer throw passes directly into the hands of the Steelers, and accupressure. It was magnificent.

We snagged the first season of House to watch every single epi from day one, and so far it has been a delicious adventure of Mr. Laurie proportion. We all can't be Oxford-esque, Young-One snobs, but we can sure as hell man-crush and enjoy wicked sarcasm and American accents. YAY!

"LA la la DEE dah! MY father got me a job at the BBC!"

Ahh...I heart that show.

Puppy photos! YAY! Here they cometh.