Thursday, April 27, 2006


I can't sleep. Duane is knocked out cold and he has to be up around 4:30. OUCH.

I, unlike el Duane, am on a semi-forced vaykay. Shenanigans with Eli and mom in the morn...should be fun.

Am I the only person that hates MSN spaces with a passion? UGH. If I see one more ONLINE DATING JOURNAL I'm going to hurl.

I was watching Dateline tonight about these nasty old dudes thinking they were going to hook up with a 13 year-old girl they "met" online. To their dismay, these dudes were met with a Dateline anchor and a bunch of undercover cops when they arrived to the "parent-less" house of the teenie. They were busting so many dudes...some of which had driven over 2 hours to meet up with this chick they thought they were chattin it up with online. HOW sick are these people?

One of the dudes was even a 6th grade teacher. Another was a seminary student. CREEPY.

This whole show reminded me of my online dating fiascos/shenanigans, and showed me that some of my encounters could have gotten ugly if I was wreckless.

G-d forbid I have a daughter one day...Myspace will continue to spread with Alexander-like breadth, people. Ah, how I love it so.

Root beer floats have once again resurfaced in my life. I'm glad to see them once again.



Seeing Duane today was theraputic. I'm missing our private life. We should be back to normal by this time next ORDER of OPERATIONS has been bedraggled with unecessary emotional burden.

Enough of that.