Sunday, June 18, 2006

Family Vacations: Discovery & Birth Control by Osmosis

I found myself here in Denver on Wednesday...what a much needed siesta, indeed. I was definitely expecting a Jeep Wrangler to pick me up, as my parental units have unintentionally given away several clues as to the purchase of said vehicle. Tara whacked into me (I wasn't expecting her whatsoever) at the airport, and disgust for such a rude gesture from a stranger turned into great surprise to see her. Eli and mom were awaiting in a green Wrangler. I cracked up and got in.

Thursday I paid some bills as mom and dad prepped the house for Misty and her crew's arrival circa dinner time. Duane calls to announce that he will be driving up to Denver. I am introduced to the best play station game ever invented: Karaoke Revolution. I play against my nieces and nephew...internally struggling whether or not to let them win. Gabriella is my biggest foe, and she sometimes lets ME win. I found myself completely in the zone in a knockout round of "Killing Me Softly."

Duane arrives on Friday morning. I am sore from my air mattress deflating in the middle of the night to the carpeted floor. My stomach and allergies start acting up. We take in a day of shopping and festivities. The men play a round of golf in Denver. It rains twice, and the sun eventually comes out once again. Wings are grilled for dinner, we partake, and we are satisfied.

With Duane comes his air mattress that makes it through the night, yet I struggle still to wake up before breakfast is over. We drive to Golden State Park for an afternoon of hiking and many photo-ops. Dinner consists of a HOT DOG revolution and Make Your Own Sundae. Misty, Duane and I run to King Soopers for hot fudge, as this is a necessary ingredient for the Banana Royale.

Right now Mike and Duane watch the World Cup while I research new automobiles and contemplate the next few months in Arizona. I have an interview on Tuesday-->my flight isn't until 5pm, but I need to get there by 1pm for an interview. Enter my first STANDBY experience...we'll see how it turns out.

Anywho, I am completely zonked for the time being. Woohoo for Ghana, am I right? I'm sure the Czechs cried themselves to sleep. We're in it to win it, ya'll.

Photos next week.