Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a Laugh

So all things did NOT go according to plan yesterday with the whole "making it back to school in time for philosophy." Ha. It is a long story that involves a VERY late bus, running through dicey crosswalks, and smeared eye makeup. Hey, at least I made it back for stats. 

Just got home from a good coffee session @ Pablo's with Mom and Dad. Especially today (post-M&D visit), I feel as though I am abuzz with energy and inspiration...but it could also be partly due to the caffeine from two cups of Peru roast. 

I am finding myself falling into a more comfortable feeling with life in general; I think this comes with age. This comfort is made up of a slow release of things I cannot control, being comfortable with who I am, being aware of my strengths and weaknesses (and finding peace with them), and gratitude for the people in my life. I realize there is so much I want to do in my life, and am coming across an astounding need to slow my horses a bit. I have generally felt that I am constantly seeking that which I can glean from others; be it advice, expertise, approval (boo!), etc. 

Perhaps this is just the experience of growing up...even though my quest for knowledge and perspectives continues, I have a sharper editing tool in which to selectively take it in; to know that everyone DOESN'T have the answers. I especially feel that I have something to share with others, nay, an obligation to share with others. Most specifically I feel like I need to strengthen my contact with my niece. I know how I felt when I was in high school, and I would have loved to have a pipeline to someone older than myself...my sister was much older, and our "sister relationship" a bit detached. This was the fault of no one, just the facts of our situation. Our relationship now is remarkably awesome since we are closer in "life experience." With my niece I feel that I am in a position to encourage and support her...and I need to take more of an active role in doing that. 

ANYWHO...the sinusitis is still ablaze in all its glory, and the postnasal drip continues. I am hoping I will be back in a better health status by the end of the week. Not being able to work out has suppressed my usual stringent food discipline...the one usually polices the other. Not so much for the past week. YIKES. 

I should probably start back on the psych exam studying, since I'll most likely want to have some kind of down time this evening. It may be spring fever or just being ill that has considerably stifled my motivation to study as of late. I find myself REALLY having to push myself to get with the program...it may also be burn out. Taking 14 hours with truly trying subject matter isn't an easy task, that's for sure. Ah well. Onward and upward, ey?