Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Friday is no pants day

I got a free ticket to the Warped Tour in July. Damn, I love hookups. I could very well go all summer without paying for one ticket to a show.

FROU FROU-Breathe In

There is a fucking SCREWDRIVER IN MY HEAD. This pain is so schitz...I can't deal. I absolutely loathe being on meds.

Watched the musical tonight, and I must say: I hate cheese AND love with a crappy ending. I demand a happy ending if cheese is involved. DEPRESSING. REASON #784 why I should stop dating.

Doc appointment tomorrow morn. Woot.

Today was pleasant until my head started to disintigrate. I swear these meds are slowly killing me. Meh. I received flowers, a Starbuck's card, and a LOVELY din din from Corporate bosses. How I love my people. I really have it together, as far as work is concerned. It seems so typical that I get bored occasionally when things are actually flowing in a NORMAL manner.

Is that a hunk of salad or a blood clot?

Alan's novel is juicy. No. JUICY, I am telling you. Decadent. Fudge.

I can no longer TASTE pudding.

I love my parents.

I woke up tonight and realized that I have really decent friends out here. I've been depending on myself for EVERYTHING since I moved here...and now. Well, I've actually formed a social infastructure that works.

I'm amazed. But I still want Kyle.

I'm golfing next week, and it is going to be GLORIOUS.

I said MAUVE!