Sunday, April 17, 2005

Life is funny

Someone just told me they bought rollerblades today and skated around Wash Park. All I could see in my head was this dude skating like he was the shit, wearing denim cut-offs and a half-shirt. Of course there would be the people skating the opposite way, a near miss, and maybe a slow-mo cool down....definitely including a WATER BOTTLE dump-over-the-head and dog-like shake to dry. And lest we forget the music! AH YES, THE MUSIC! Playin with the boys would be my top choice.

Right now some chick is hanging out with my brother, watching a movie. She has a loud voice, and is making ridiculous comments about the show every 5 minutes. It is HELLA annoying.

Yes, I will gage your importance by your height.

Was at Walmart today off Hampden. I was also in quite an anti-social mood. My laundry is 7 minutes overdue to go into the dryer. come everyone has a MILLION kids? Its annoying as hell. Is it the poor-people past time to pop out kids? Ugh. Put the birth control IN the water, for cryin out loud.

This tooth pain is unbearable, yet delicious in a mysterious way.

Had a Kiwi Strawberry Snapple today for the first time since middle school.

She won't shutup.