Wednesday, March 05, 2003


I LOVE to see that our county is spending over $20,000 in order to reclocate an endangered mouse for developmental reasons when we have a severely under-funded crisis center. Ninety-nine women and children were turned away from the domestic violence facility for sheer lack of space this past year. This makes me ill.

On a lighter note, Tuesday wasn't too bad. I caught Matt's show in the late morning, did some research for my psych project, and went to the gym in the late afternoon. A nice day all-around. I just finished the last bit of homework for the day, and I am more than ready for bed. YEE HAW.

Aunt Shirley is coming Thursday, so I must make preparations for her to stay in my room. This basically means that I put all my clothes in boxes and leave them in the garage until we move this spring. I need to get rid of tons of my stuff. Seriously.

ANYWHO...I have a few mid-term reviews tomorrow, so I should be a bit conscious for class tomorrow. This means that I should aim for at LEAST 4 hours of sleep tonight, which I think I can manage if I go to bed reeeeaaally soon. :) Ah well. I'm all talk.

Songs for the Eve

BeeGees- I Started a Joke
John Mayer- (Police's) Message in a Bottle
Simon and Garfunkel- Bridge Over Troubled Water
Rolling Stones- Beast of Burden
Sheryl Crow- Safe and Sound
Nico- My Funny Valentine
Third Eye Blind- Jumper
Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze