Sunday, March 02, 2003

I can just feel my fallopian tubes freezing up...

The Wallflowers are just great. UH...Jakob Dylan? YES! I'm listening to their version of "I Started a Joke." I think it was on the ZOOLANDER soundtrack. I AM CRACKING.

OOOO! Talked to Matt yesterday afternoon when he should have been long-gone in sleepland. My apologies!

The Sandlot is arguably the best kid movie ever. End of story. YOU'RE KILLING ME, SMALLS!!

I also had a great chat with Shawn last night! SKOOOOAL! We basically just talked about our extreme anticipation for this summer's shenanigans. ROAD TRIP!

Downloading some String Cheese Incident! YEE HAW, people.

I need more frisbee in MAH LIFE!

My brother is actually buying this cologne called "PIMP." Why do I respect this?

Luke Wilson

Aghh! Another WHACKY dream last night. This time I was reunited with Melissa, and her brother WAS LUKE WILSON! NICE. For some reason we were all in a Winnebago, and Jordan Roe was hanging out in the back. So we're driving in the mountains, right? AND WE STOP in the middle of the road, right after a tight turn. So we get out of the vehicle, and cars start FLYING off the side of the mountain in order to avoid crashing into the Winnebago.

Fine Young Cannibals- She Drives Me Crazy. I AM CRACKING.