Friday, March 07, 2003

Silence is Golden

Friday = not too shabby. Aunt Shirley is staying with us, so that is MOST EXCELLENT! Btw, sometimes you just NEED Vietnamese chicken soup. To DIE for, people.

Didn't get to the gym today...NOT COOL. Oh well...I can just double-up this weekend. No big whoop.

Contacted HP and found out what I need to do to get my laptop a blazin' once again. That should be up and running by tomorrow evening if all goes as planned. HA.

Eli somehow got me hooked on his latest snowboarding X-BOX game. I am indeed a douche.

Dad came home with 2 dozen pale pink roses for my mom, and she about had a heart attack. What is it with chicks and flowers? I will fully admit I am under the same spell as the rest of my "sisters." Flowers = SCORE! Dad just earned like 10 points on the brownie scale. Nice! Hmmm...I wonder if we can make some kind of analogy here for the guys:

Flowers : women (as)
Steak : men

Would that be correct? Hmmm...I think I may score an "A" in gender studies...