Sunday, March 09, 2003

Me and Baby K

I'm seriously devoting tomorrow as a full-on study-gasm day. We'll see how that plan works out, shall we?

This ticks me off. I really don't care about some chick writing all these "bad girl" guides. I just find it extremely irritating for some reason. "Yea, I have decided to be a bad girl, so I better get all the books to tell me how to do it just right!" PLEASE! Its like this: either you're a badass or you're not...get over it and keep your day job.

SNL was excellent. "SILENT BUT DEADLY!" Too much. :)

Talked to Kyle for almost two hours this evening, so that was fun. I haven't seen him since this fall. I most likely won't see him again until sometime next year, if our Nevada plan works out. TOO FREAKING LONG!

Yea, definitely THREW my start-up cds AWAY for my HP. So I have to call them and get another set. JOY. Until then, my laptop is as good as a paperweight. NICE.

Ah well. SO Sunday is indeed upon us. YAY. I hate Sundays. I remember watching Lois and Clark with Dean Cain and Terry Hatcher every Sunday night, and DREADING having to start school again for the week. YAY FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL! Not cool.

Coolest Dude Alive