Monday, March 17, 2003

Rockets and Robots

What a weekend, indeed. UH...busy? Maybe. Enjoyable? No doubt.

I just finished my paper for mass, so I am ready for bed! The paper wasn't too bad, so yay for that. Huzzah!

Called Kyle, so that was ultra-grand. YAY. I haven't seen Kyle since freaking OCTOBER! I can't wait anymore, people. This is killing me.

Work was fine today. OOOOO! We're supposed to get hit with a HUGE snow storm tomorrow, so we'll see how that pans out. It is supposed to "disable" Denver. I can only pray it lasts until Wednesday so I don't have to take my APS mid-term...that would be sweet, indeed. SNOW DAY! Or not. We'll see. I would enjoy that.

Got a new cell phone, so woo for that. It is DINKY. I feel like I am talking on a pager. I love it. Yay for gadgets.

Going to melt into bed...